Dutch Specialty Items

As we are a Dutch Bakery, this area is our specialty.

We make a wide range of Dutch items daily and also during festive seasons.

We also stock various Dutch Groceries including sauces, sprinkles and cheese.

We stock many items that are not yet listed so make sure you come in and have a look at the full range or give us a call.

Let us know if you would like to place an order.

Croquette & Bitterball
Traditional deep fried snacks, handmade right here in the Bakehouse with quality beef.
Croquette – Frozen Box of 10 for $20
Bitterball – Frozen Box of 24 for $20

We can also bake the croquette for you in the Bakery and serve them with a bread roll & mustard or simply on their own.
Why not come for lunch?












Croquette Burger

Try our amazing Croquette Burger

Buy them frozen or baked
Why not try a Frikendel Special

Dutch Fruit Buns Deliciously soft & full of fruit Packet of 4 for $4.60

Dutch Fruit Buns
Deliciously soft & full of fruit
Packet of 4 for $5.00


A Dutch doughnut with apple and sultanas.
Available every day $1.70 each



Dutch Fruit Loaf
Our Fruit Loaf is available all year round and can also be made to order with Almond Paste.
Dutch Fruit Loaf $8.50
Dutch Fruit Loaf with Almond Paste $9.50

We are now taking orders for our famous Christmas Stolen, available in three sizes. Prices range from $3.00 to $13.00

Traditional Dutch Stolen with Almond Paste $16.50















Almond Paste Log (Banket Staaf) $6.50 Almond Paste Ring (Banket Krans) $13.00

Almond Paste Log (Banket Staaf) 
Almond Paste Ring (Banket Krans) 
Christmas Time or Made to Order


Profiteroles with Fresh Cream  Box of 8 for $6.00

Profiteroles with Fresh Cream
Box of 6 for $7.00









Limburg Vlaai buy it all or buy a slice Available in Apple or Cherry




Speculaas Doll Pop




Not all items are available at present