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Come and visit us for a coffee, dutch treat or an icecream. Open from 5am.

OPEN 5am - 4pm Monday - Friday
OPEN 5am - 2pm Saturday

Dutchys Bakehouse specialises in Dutch products, specialty breads, cakes and gluten free products. Authentic Sourdough and their Pies and Sausage Rolls are sought out among many.

All products in the shop are made from scratch and many local products are incorporated in the business including Tim Adams Specialty Coffee and Meat At Chancellor next door.

Authentic Dutch specialties include Oliebol, Croquette (baked or frozen) Speculaas, Dutch Stolen & Fruit Loaves with almond paste to name a few.

Dutchy has a team that is a force to be reckoned with. Their love for the craft of Baking and Pastry Cooking and their passion for good taste make their products second to none.

Dutchy is around early in the day to share a tale about a recent fishing trip, come in and try something soon. The staff will always give you a warm welcome and the coffee is always hot and strong.